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The Game of Things



"The Game of Things" is a beautifully surreal short film by Cristian Straub for German fashion label Ethel Vaughn, a label I came across recently because of its excellent art direction.

"Heavily inspired by the cinema of the late 60s & early 70s (like Nicolas Roeg’s “Don’t look back” or Polanski’s “The Tenant”), they crafted a film that emanates not only the aesthetic feel, but also embraces the courageous spirit and the cinematic curiosity of that particular era in film history."

Posted by Marc

Wonder Object


I strangely enjoyed this quirky little documentary short on jeweler, artist, and metalsmith Gary Schott.

Schott creates these "small kinetic sculptures that produce tiny, intimate gestures. The attention to detail in each piece is astounding, from the early detailed sketches and balsa wood models, to the selection of materials, and even the color of fabric—all to create a tiny device, the sole purpose of which is to gently evoke a smile, to express, in the words of the artist, an action of love."


Via Colossal

Posted by Marc




Oh man we are so excited about the Outpost street art exibition on Cockatoo Island! We've had a sneak peek and it looks absolutely amazing. Sydneysiders, be sure to come check it out over the next five weeks... we'll be there every weekend selling some tees so be sure to drop by and say hi. Our friends over at Concrete Playground gave it a nice little write up if you want to know what it's all about...

"Whims can get a wee bit specific. Want a big street art show? Free? On an Island? Done. Big, free and on Cockatoo Island, the five week Outpost festival offers a changing roster of street art, artists and entertainment to keep you ferrying out for a fresh look. Though some arms of government use graffiti sites to arm their arrest warrants, this one using its internet savy to fill the island with a flow of interstate and overseas talent.

The lineup would be dominated by Aussie luminaries like Meggs, May's Lane and Reka, if it wasn't already overshadowed by work from international stencil superstar Banksy. The Banksy stuff is mainly from a private collection, but the equally big Belgian muralist Roa will show up in person to paint a gargantuan animal over an island wall the weekend of November 4-5. Will Coles' work will be on show, his concrete graffiti a staple of Newtown streets, as well as fellow Newtown star Mox, the Kirbyesque Zap and Melbournian maestras Vextra and Deb.

Saturdays during the festival, Secret Wars will host art battles, while Shadow Wars hosts a one off battle of dance and Skateboard Australia presents a grand final. You can also check out Brazilian import Ethos blowing up his sketches up from the tiny to the huge, after Buff Diss taking his turn to spend a week to do interesting things with masking tape."

Posted by Marc

DL Skateboards


"DL Skateboards are handmade by Derek & Lauren in their living room. Their style is inspired by cruising barefoot, hurricane season, flat spells and cramps... DL's are functional as a conversation piece but truly ideal for shredding. No two DL's are the same."

What a beautiful video... and great product too. Somebody buy me one for Christmas please.

Posted by Marc

Gung Ho - Twin Rays



I'm really enjoying the breezy surf vibe of "Twin Rays" by Brisbane band Gung Ho. If you're into other tropical-pop Aussie bands such as Das Monk favourites The Holidays, then you should definitely check these guys out.

Posted by Marc

Torkil Gudnason’s photographs of coiffed pups dripping in jewels


"New York City fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason was inspired to create this series of pampered dogs when he stumbled into a dog show and was struck by similarities between the coiffed pups and their owners. “Our dogs really are reflections of us,” he says."






Via Featureshoot

Posted by Marc

Kurt Vile - Life's A Beach


God damn is there anything by this guy that isn't really really (really) good? This is from his latest EP, So Outta Reach. Can't wait to see him soon at the Oxford Art Factory.

Posted by Marc

Money Face


Who doesn't love a good ol' meme? The internet's latest party trick is Money Face, a simple mash up of a folded bill and your face. Check out more of them over at Visual News.

Posted by Marc



One of my favourite eras of music was going down in our cuzzy bros backyard of Dunedin, New Zealand in the 1980s, when the Flying Nun label was producing amazing lo-fi bands like The Chills, The Bats and my favourites, The Clean. Their jangly, melancholic guitar pop sound has had a bit of a comeback lately, but nobody has nailed it quite so well as Melbourne's Twerps. You can stream their entire debut LP over at their soundcloud page, and below is a sample of the album, opening track 'Dreamin''. Great stuff!

Dreamin by WeGetPress

Posted by Marc

Self Publish, Be Naughty (NSFW)


"Self Publish, Be Naughty is a provocative and uncompromising portrayal of contemporary love, sexuality, desire, gender and the taboo. This book presents 122 photographs from 75 contemporary artists in homage to, (and in radical subversion of), traditional mainstream erotica. 

A call for “naughty” photos was launched in March 2011 resulting in more than 5,000 submissions from Self Publish Be Happy’s international network of both established artists and young up-and-coming photographers. The most engaging, titillating and downright odd photographs were chosen and are now presented, together revealing the raw ideals envisaged and experienced by an eclectic mix of contemporary artists. 

Printed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, each copy of SPBN is unique. Art director Antonio de Luca has designed a beautiful ever-changing book, a collection of A4 posters (in the manner of Playboy centrefolds), bound together with a removable elastic band. Each copy will have an individual sequence of pages, an echo of the fragmented and subversive nature of desire. SPBN also includes a selection of texts (ranging from Plato’s Phaedrus to erotic stories anonymously posted online)."







Posted by Marc