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Royal Forest - Everyone Who Knows You


Because you can't truly call yourself an indie band if you haven't recorded a song in a submarine. Great song and video by Austin band Royal Forest.

Posted by Marc

Jay Z's 99 Problems


Artist Ali Graham takes on Jay Z's 99 problems in the form of a daily illustration.

Head to probs99.tumblr.com to check out the rest.

Posted by Marc

Out of Line: a Short Skate Film


Simple but incredibly well done. Another gem by Brett Novak

Posted by Marc

Justin Hager


Like a good rap/pop-culture pun? Of course you do, you're only human. Check out Justin Hager's tumblr for more of these fun pun drawings... www.justinhager.tumblr.com

Posted by Marc

Cloned Video GIFs by Erdal Inci


Apologies if these GIFs take forever to load in your browser, but they're amazing so just be patient! Turkish film-maker and graffiti artist Erdal Inci makes these by cloning sections of video to create these hypnotic animated loops.

Posted by Marc

"Ride" Competition Winner


Congratulations to Brisbane's Jonathan Thomas for his winning entry in our Lomography x Das Monk photography competition, which the theme was "Ride".

Jonathan's description of his photo...

"I took this at Coachella on one of the last days of a three month road trip across North America last year. The sun was setting, we were all exhausted from months on the road, and as I took this picture I just thought to myself 'what a ride'. This photo will always remind me of what a memorable trip that was."

Thank you so much to everybody who entered the comp. Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner, we ended up going for a ride ourselves! And a big thanks to Lomography Australia & NZ for sponsoring the competition.

Posted by Marc

Duct Tape Surfing


This is one of the most inspirational things I've seen in a while. A reminder to always look on the bright side!

Posted by Marc

Keep Snowboarding



A really mellow skate-style snowboarding vid by Kevin Castanheira, shot in the sleepy streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Posted by Marc

Roa's Lenticular Street Art


Street artist Roa painted this amazing piece of lenticular street art in London. Depending on the angle you view it from, the artwork shifts from a cute bunny to the not-so-cute insides of the bunny.

Posted by Marc

This Is Eric Koston


A film by the excellent Desillusion Magazine (check them out if you haven't already) and Nike. The film features Eric Koston (duh) with the backdrop of Los Angeles, who is looking mighty pretty in this one.

Posted by Marc